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Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine successes have ‘significant implications’ for Russia, says UK – live updates

British defence intelligence says losses in Kharkiv region will dent Kremlin’s ‘overall operation’ and further damage the morale of troops on the ground See all our Ukraine coverage here Kirill Stremousov, who is one of the leaders of the Russian-imposed authorities in occupied Kherson in southern Ukraine, has posted to Telegram this morning a message […]

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Pakistan floods: plea for help amid fears monsoon could put a third of country underwater

Foreign minister urges countries and IMF to help stricken country after climate change minister speaks of climate ‘catastrophe’ Pakistan’s government has appealed for international help to tackle a flooding emergency that has killed more than 1,000 people and threatens to leave a third of the country – an area roughly the size of Britain – […]

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Russia-Ukraine war: Moscow’s forces attempt advance in Donetsk; Putin vows to expand relations with North Korea – live

Reports of heavy Russian shelling in eastern Donetsk; Putin says in letter to Kim Jong-un closer ties are in both countries’ interests Ukraine to target Russian soldiers at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant What we know on day 173 of the invasion Another six ships have received permission to pass through the maritime humanitarian corridor in the […]

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Grain ship leaves Ukraine port for first time since Russia blockade

Attack on Odesa port had cast doubt on deal negotiated by Turkey and the UN to avoid famine A ship carrying Ukrainian grain left the port of Odesa on Monday morning destined for Lebanon, the first since the start of the Russian invasion, according to Ukraine’s infrastructure ministry. The Sierra Leone-flagged ship Razoni, carrying 26,000 […]

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Myanmar junta executes democracy activists in first such killings in decades

Democracy figures, including former lawmaker in Aung San Suu Kyi’s party, executed after being accused of carrying out ‘terror acts’ Myanmar’s junta has executed four prisoners including a former politician and a veteran activist, drawing shock and revulsion at the country’s first use of capital punishment in decades. Junta-controlled media reported on Monday that four […]

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The Uber files tell a simple truth: democracy depends on curbing mercenary tech giants | Rafael Behr

These revelations reveal the political credulity and negligence that has surrounded the growing power of Silicon Valley • What are the Uber files? A guide to cab-hailing firm’s ruthless expansion tactics There were taxis before there was Uber, just as there were bookshops before Amazon and friends before Facebook. A large part of innovation is […]

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Russia-Ukraine war latest: leaders gather to work out ‘Marshall plan’ to rebuild Ukraine; Zelenskiy vows to retake Lysychansk

The effort to rebuild Ukraine will require ‘colossal investments’, Volodymyr Zelenskiy says; Russia claims control of Ukraine’s eastern Luhansk region Russia says it has full control of Luhansk region Europe at risk of recession amid concerns Russia could cut gas Liz Truss mulls seizure of Russian assets in UK to give to Ukraine At a […]

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Ukrainian missiles hit Black Sea gas platforms, say Russian officials

Reports of strikes come as Russian forces said to be gathering for final assault on Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk • Russia-Ukraine war: latest updates Russian officials have said Ukraine launched missile strikes against three gas rigs in the Black Sea south of Odesa, in an apparent escalation of Kyiv’s attempts to weaken Russia’s maritime dominance. Seven […]

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Russia-Ukraine war latest: Putin warns of new targets; Zelenskiy visits troops on eastern front – live

Putin says Russia will respond if Ukraine is supplied with longer-range missiles; the frontline creeps closer in Donbas as Sievierodonetsk sees heaviest battles Zelenskiy visits Donbas frontline as UK supplies missile system Lavrov cancels Serbia trip after countries close airspace Ukraine counterattack recaptures parts of Sievierodonetsk At a glance: what we know on day 103 […]

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Russia-Ukraine war latest: ‘heavy battles’ taking place in Sievierodonetsk; Zelenskiy to address EU leaders – live

Zelenskiy says Russian shelling of Sievierodonetsk has destroyed ‘entire critical infrastructure’ of city as Ukrainian president set to make bid for new Russia sanctions Bombing escalates in Sievierodonetsk as Zelenskiy visits Kharkiv EU debates watering down Russian oil ban amid Hungarian opposition Negative views of Russia mainly limited to western liberal democracies Ukrainian MP urges […]

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