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Will Wordle still be free after the New York Times buyout?

Will the hit game imminently be locked behind a paywall or stay as it is? What about ads? The NYT’s head of games explains the plan

In a month of spectacular video game industry buyouts, symbolised by Microsoft’s incredible $68bn swoop for Activision Blizzard, there is one purchase that has sent paroxysms of fear across the planet. On Monday, the New York Times revealed that it had bought the viral megahit Wordle for a “low seven figure sum”. The web-based word puzzle, which launched in October, was originally intended as a gift from software engineer Josh Wardle to his partner. But it has become a viral sensation, amassing an audience of millions – and key to its appeal is the fact that it’s free, with no ads.

So what does a big newspaper like the New York Times want with a game like Wordle, and what happens next?

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