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Why are stories about long-term couples always sugarcoated? | Emma Beddington

Accounts of lasting relationships rarely come unvarnished, but we need to be much more honest when we talk about love and marriage

My husband sweeps in, catching me listlessly watching a video of hippos eating pumpkins, one hand clawed around my mouse, the other holding my slab of Desk Chocolate, a snack category I have recently introduced to my home office. Earlier I was putting it back in its packaging between bites, but this pretence ceased hours ago. I am busy, but achieving nothing, because I am distracted by the things I am not doing, the things I have failed to do previously, and those I will fail to do next. Also because of the hippos.

My husband, by contrast, is wholly in the moment. He exudes energy, purpose and other alien-to-me concepts. His arrival causes our ancient dog, which has finally stopped moaning about the general state of its life, to jump as if electrified, then start moaning again.

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