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Warmth and wisdom from queer trailblazers – podcasts of the week

Shon Faye hosts Call Me Mother. Plus: inviting homecoming tours with Katy Wix and Adam Drake, and weird and wonderful tales with Heavyweight’s Jonathan Goldstein

Call Me Mother
Shon Faye’s new podcast rails against the patronising image that reaching your 60s and 70s involves sitting under a blanket and knitting, by talking to older LGBTQ trailblazers. First up is 73 year old Kate Bornstein, who talks about growing up wanting to be a girl, her relationship with Scientology, and finding her identity after she transitioned. Faye encourages her listeners to soak up all there is to be learned from the people who grew up in a pre-Stonewall era, as they share their warmth and wisdom. Hannah Verdier

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