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Tinder turns 10: what have we learned from a decade of dating apps? – podcast

Dating apps have opened up opportunities to meet more people, but what have they done to our psyche? Emily Witt looks at how they have shifted the way we understand modern love, sex and relationships

Over a decade ago, online dating existed through sites such as and OKCupid. But they did not tend to attract younger users, and for many there was a stigma attached to using them. But apps such as Grindr, which launched in 2009, and Tinder, which launched in September 2012, have radically changed the landscape of online dating.

Emily Witt, the author of Future Sex, a book that examines sex in the internet age, tells Nosheen Iqbal about the origin story of Tinder, meeting the founders, and why it was such an instant success. Emily discusses her own experience of using it and the apps that followed in its wake.

The apps have grown in response to a culture where people are single for a lot longer, and also where there’s a changing sexual morality that’s open to different kinds of relationships, Emily believes. Apps have completely altered the way we think about relationships, sex and love.

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