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The young British coaches blazing unlikely trails on the WTA Tour | Tumaini Carayol

Andrew Bettles and Thomas Hill are coaching two of the world’s best players after struggling during their playing careers

Five years ago, Andrew Bettles’s dreams were only about himself. He was around the 1,000th best tennis player in the world and searching for more as he took a cheap flight to a series of tournaments in Sri Lanka. He arrived to desolate tennis courts with no fencing, clumps of earth masquerading as clay and the realisation that those dreams were far away.

“You take your big travel bag with you to the courts because you can’t leave it in the hotel as you only paid for the night. You go down a break early and you’re looking to see if your bag’s all right and no one is in it,” he says with a laugh. “It just wasn’t right. I felt like I needed to stop.”

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