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The year 2000, from Big Brother to Beyonce – podcasts of the week

Journalists Simran Hans and Tara Joshi offer smart analysis as well as nostalgia in Twenty Twenty. Plus: more ‘badman language’ and general larks with the Kurupt FM crew

The Art of Asking Everything
Rock star and all-round fearless force Amanda Palmer promises to sit down with “doctors, sex workers and environmentalists” to answer life’s big questions in her wide-ranging podcast. Lenny Henry describing kids’ TV classic Tiswas, with its winning combination of custard pies and putting people in cages, is a highlight, but the comic also brings startling stories of racism and advice on how to get through life. BJ Miller, who’s trying to open up the conversation around death, offers a straightforward perspective on life as a disabled person, as Palmer skilfully elicits compelling stories.
Hannah Verdier

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