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‘The pinnacle of storytelling’: reader reviews of The Last of Us Part II

‘A phenomenal follow-up’ or ‘a boring slog’? Guardian readers have their say about the hit video games sequel

Warning: spoilers ahead

Beyond being one of the most visually and technically stunning games, the story forces the player to face the consequences of choices made in the first game and refuses to shy away from the pain of those choices. The main character and the player come to the realisation that a cycle of perpetual violence is the result of vengeance and only forgiveness can help us heal. While focusing on issues like transgender rights and homophobia, PTSD, loyalty, and survival, the game also gives representation to a multitude of different women, with varying personalities, motives, and dimensions. A phenomenal follow-up to its iconic original. Erin McDonagh, 26, student and retail associate, Toronto

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