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The Inbetweeners’ James Buckley becomes the unlikely king of Cameo

Comedian’s work ethic on celebrity shout-out app takes him to 10,000 videos and £300,000 – leaving global A-listers in his wake

Sarah Jessica Parker will wish you a happy birthday. Jack Nicklaus will tell you golf stories. John Cleese will read out your poem. Of the thousands of stars who signed up for the celebrity shout-out app Cameo last year, though, only one was popular and industrious enough to make 10,000 videos. For a very reasonable fee, the man behind them will enthusiastically call you a “briefcase wanker”.

The most prolific performer in the world on Cameo in 2020 was James Buckley, the catchphrase-happy British actor and comedian beloved by a generation for his performance as Jay Cartwright in the Inbetweeners, new figures shared with the Guardian reveal.

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