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The dark side of the Chippendales – podcasts of the week

Welcome to Your Fantasy unearths the intrigue and murder lurking within the world of the male dance troupe. Plus: 80s love stories, and Reply All exits The Test Kitchen

Welcome to Your Fantasy
Oily beefcake-merchants the Chippendales don’t seem like the most likely candidates for a true crime podcast, but this is one hell of a romp. Historian and fitness instructor Natalia Petrzela set out to investigate the phenomenon of women stuffing dollar bills down the dancers’ restrictive pants, but discovered a web of intrigue and murder. Star of the show is super smart Candice, who swapped investment banking to look after tanning and chaperoning, and the way Petrzela delivers the scandal amid the screams of thousands of women is perfect. Hannah Verdier

Against the Odds

What happens when you’re pushed to your limits to survive? Wondery’s new podcast brings out stories of pain, starvation and sheer determination. It’s a gripping listen, presented by fearless duo Mike Corey and Cassie de Pecol, with their suitably dramatic voices. The first episode goes in strong, with the story of a football team trapped in an underwater cave in Thailand told in great detail, as the situation becomes increasingly dangerous. Even though the ending has been well documented, the story is engrossing and the extent of the teamwork is inspiring. HV

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