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The 10 best video games made in Australia – sorted

There are some fun, beautiful and smart homegrown hits to celebrate, from Untitled Goose Game to the political statement of Escape from Woomera

There used to be a time where video games were sneered at and overlooked by the culturati as lowbrow schlock but games are, and always have been, a lively and responsive form of artistic expression. It’s not always immediately clear when a game was made in Australia, which makes it a little harder to celebrate homegrown hits – which we should do, because we have a thriving community of developers who punch well above their weight. The Australian independent games scene is vibrant, dynamic and overdue an apology.

As I have (graciously, selflessly) decided, we’re all going to yank games from the declasse and appreciate them properly – so here are 10 great Australian-made games, all variously ruminative, charming, effervescent, sincere, generous, visceral, cheeky and beautiful. Glad we have that sorted.

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