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The venture capitalist with a Silicon Valley solution for minority-owned businesses

A new kind of venture capital fund would use money from the US government to invest in companies that most need it On first blush a Silicon Valley venture capitalist might not strike you as the first person to turn to when trying to address the racial wealth divide but these days we should take […]

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Talk to your child about porn. No one else will do it, or should | Barbara Ellen

Parents have a responsibility to protect their young from increasingly explicit online content Is it time parents faced reality – their children are never going to tell them about the porn they watch online? A New Zealand video (the latest in a Keep It Real Online government series), which has gone viral, deals with children […]

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Valorant review – mind games and strategy meet competitive shooting

PC; Riot GamesThis deeply tactical shooter from the brains behind League of Legends is Fortnite’s latest challenger If you want more than fleeting gratification from a multiplayer game, look no further than this deeply tactical competitive shooter from the minds behind League of Legends. Valorant learns from its obvious inspirations Counter-Strike and Overwatch, but goes […]

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PlayStation 5 v Xbox Series X: how will the rival consoles compare?

With Sony and Microsoft about to embark on the first out-and-out console war for years, we break down how they weigh up Last week, in a livestream watched by millions, Sony revealed the first games coming to its PlayStation 5 console. Due out this winter, the machine will be competing with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X […]

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Little Orpheus review – madcap adventure to the centre of the Earth

It’s a bit fiddly on your phone, but guiding Soviet cosmonaut Ivan through lush jungles and forgotten cities is still a lot of funMac, iPhone, iPad; The Chinese Room/Sumo Digital Following a diminutive cosmonaut on an unexpected journey to the centre of the Earth, Little Orpheus is a madcap Soviet adventure story with the panache […]

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The Protest review – superb set of dramas for the Black Lives Matter movement

Available onlinePain, anger and everyday racism are examined in this powerful series of short films from the Bush theatre A week ago, the Bush theatre asked six writers for their dramatised responses to the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, the global protests that followed and the state society is in now. These protest plays, […]

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Not just nipples: how Facebook’s AI struggles to detect misinformation

Automated moderation can be a blunt instrument – as users trying to post an image of Aboriginal men in chains discovered “It’s much easier to build an AI system that can detect a nipple than it is to determine what is linguistically hate speech.” The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made that comment in 2018 when […]

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PlayStation 5: exclusive games ‘more important than ever’, says Sony

Developer says releases including Horizon: Forbidden West and Marvel’s Spider-Man will be key to demonstrating the system’s capabilities Happily for anyone who struggles to summon much interest in raw tech specs, last week’s PlayStation 5 broadcast was heavy on games. Having seeded details about the console’s hardware and performance throughout the year, Sony opted to […]

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Why are Google and Apple dictating how European democracies fight coronavirus? | Ieva Ilves

In Latvia we wanted to harness smartphone technology for contact tracing. We ran into a Silicon Valley-built brick wall Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a rush by governments, private companies and digital startups to harness and develop the latest technologies in the fight against the […]

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The Last of Us Part 2 review – post-apocalyptic game is groundbreaking and powerful

PlayStation 4; Naughty Dog/SonyThis intense game set in a post-disaster world poses moral questions about the motivations for violence and is brilliantly acted by its human contributors. (Spoiler free) ‘Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” So goes the saying popularly (if spuriously) attributed to Confucius – a proverbial truth that […]

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