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Smart bras and a light tracker: the wearable tech helping plug the medical gender bias gap

Over the past two decades, scientists have laid bare our need to know more about women’s physiology. Can tech designed by and for women help? If you’re asked to imagine a person who has a heart attack, who do you see? Most of us think of an old man. It’s what we tend to see […]

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The government’s new film production guidelines risk massive damage to UK industry

Until the government agrees to underwrite the insurance risk of Covid-19 the new rules will do nothing for homegrown productions The news that Covid-19 safety guidance has been approved for the UK’s film and television industry is very welcome. But it is by no means the end of the story. Anyone who reads these announcements, […]

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Twitter taking on Trump’s lies? About time too | John Naughton

The platform’s moves to counter the president’s disinformation may be too little, too late, but it’s something In addition to washing your hands while singing the first two verses of The Internationale, it might be a good time also to clean out your Twitter feed. According to a recent report of a research study by […]

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Why Twitter should ban Donald Trump | Julia Carrie Wong

Trump has used and abused the platform for long enough. And his latest executive order is just another distraction The president’s executive order on social media will kick off a heated debate over free speech on the internet that will, in all likelihood, lead to nothing. This manufactured dispute is a distraction for the media, […]

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Donald Trump’s move against Twitter factchecking could backfire

President’s planned weakening of social media law may not have effect he thinks it will Donald Trump’s apparent plans to punish Twitter for appending a factcheck to his claims that mail-in ballots would be “substantially fraudulent” could reshape the web – but not necessarily in the ways he or his supporters intend. Trump’s expected avenue of […]

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Screened Out review – screentime doc knows how to press your buttons

Parents of locked-down kids might be advised to steer clear of this compulsive look at the smartphone and its ruinous effects With this enthusiastic, info-taining documentary Jon Hyatt runs the risk of stating the bleeding obvious by elaborating on facts everyone is already aware of: staring at your phone for too long is bad for […]

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Facebook expects half of employees to work remotely over next five to 10 years

Mark Zuckerberg says company will embrace permanent remote work after lockdowns lift Facebook will permanently embrace remote work, even after coronavirus lockdowns ease, Mark Zuckerberg told employees on Thursday, accelerating the tech sector’s geographic diversification away from its home in Silicon Valley. The CEO said the world’s largest social network would start “aggressively opening up […]

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