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Washington’s crackdown on Google is the greatest threat yet to big tech

The justice department brought antitrust charges against the company, but experts say that’s just a start For decades, companies like Google have enjoyed exponential growth and an almost unobstructed rise to power. But the tide appears to be turning, as US lawmakers crack down on alleged monopolistic practices and public sentiment sours on the former […]

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Ashleigh Barty happy to rest up at home while retaining world No 1 status | Tumaini Carayol

Australian has never let tennis rule her life and is as happy watching AFL at home as she is on court, but she will be back Few sports have underlined their unimportance during the pandemic quite like tennis did in early October. As Roland Garros edged deeper into its first week, the top seed and […]

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Charities in a bind after cybercriminals donate $10,000 in bitcoin

Children International and The Water Project have no way of refunding Darkside group No charity wants to turn down donations, particularly in the middle of a funding crunch. But what if donations come from a surprising source – hackers? While it may sound like a modern-day version of Robin Hood – electronically stealing money from […]

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iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro review roundup: fresh design and future-proofing

Early reviews of new Apple phones suggest lots of little upgrades but 5G not yet a killer feature The first reviews of Apple’s new 5G-enabled smartphones, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, are in from publications with early access to two of the four new models. The £999 iPhone 12 Pro has an extra […]

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US justice department sues Google over accusation of illegal monopoly

Lawsuit accuses tech company of abusing its position to dominate search and search advertising The US justice department filed a lawsuit against Google on Tuesday, accusing the tech company of abusing its position to maintain an illegal monopoly over search and search advertising. “Two decades ago, Google became the darling of Silicon Valley as a […]

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Who put that there? Flight Simulator users find the world’s strangest landmarks

Far from moaning about the glitches, players are experimenting with everything from community fly-ins to planes operated live by Twitch groups The building stood 212 storeys high, piercing the skyline like some kind of alien monument. The pilots who discovered it while flying over a quiet Melbourne suburb quickly reported their findings on forums and […]

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Why won’t Virgin Media complete my broadband installation?

The company won’t phone when promised or provide an explanation I have been trying to switch to Virgin broadband because it is by far the fastest in my area. The installation was booked for mid-August and, as at that point a full connection was not possible, we were connected to our neighbour’s cable with their […]

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Russian cyber-attack spree shows what unrestrained internet warfare looks like

US indictment of operatives, accused of launching several attacks, gives a detailed account of how they went about their business The Sandworm team of Russian military intelligence, alleged to have unleashed computer chaos against the Kremlin’s enemies around the world, is said to operate out of a blue-tinted glass skyscraper known simply as “the tower”. […]

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A double-edged sword: hopes and fears for children as fast internet reaches Pacific

New fibre-optic cables to Pacific islands have been cautiously welcomed amid warnings over harassment and violence linked to online platforms From the narrow bay of Sydney’s Tamarama Beach, a cable twice as thick as garden hose, carrying optic fibre thinner than human hair, stretches along the ocean floor linking Australia to Papua New Guinea and […]

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