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Ukrainian court sentences Russian soldier to life in prison for killing civilian

Vadim Shishimarin shot dead Oleksandr Shelipov in village in late February Russia-Ukraine war: latest updates A Ukrainian court has sentenced a Russian tank commander to life in prison for shooting dead an unarmed 62-year-old man as he rode his bicycle down a village road, in Ukraine’s first trial for war crimes committed during the Russian […]

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How we met: ‘My dad was a docker and her parents were very middle class. People gave us three weeks’

Alan and Janet, both 65, met at sixth form in 1974. They live in Colchester with their two dogs As a teenager, Alan was the first to admit he didn’t know anything about girls. But after many years at a same-sex school in Chingford, in 1974 he went to sixth form, where they had mixed […]

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‘A gaping wound’: how a film about birds of prey is a warning to India’s capital city

Meditative documentary All That Breathes is about two brothers’ devotion to protecting black kites against a backdrop of pollution and violence in Delhi The award-winning documentary All That Breathes is a meditation on life in Delhi through the eyes and hands of two brothers that nurse injured birds back to health. After winning the world […]

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Tether pays out $10bn in withdrawals since start of crypto crash

Pace of withdrawals in May means ‘stablecoin’ company effectively dealing with slow-motion bank run Tether, the multibillion dollar “stablecoin” that functions as the largest bank in the cryptocurrency economy, has paid out $10bn (£8bn) in withdrawals since the crypto crash started in early May. The pace of withdrawals means the company is effectively dealing with […]

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Norrie expects top players to skip Wimbledon after ATP decision

British No 1 reacts after ATP remove ranking points from event Norrie says championship is now ‘almost like an exhibition’ Cameron Norrie believes that some top players will decide not to compete at Wimbledon this year after the ATP and WTA opted to revoke ranking points from the tournament in light of the decision to […]

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Ukrainian man loses life savings in ‘stablecoin’ crypto slump

Yuri Popovich invested in the supposedly safe cryptocurrency to protect against risks of the invasion A Ukrainian man who converted almost all his family’s money into the crypto “stablecoin” terra in April in an effort to protect against the risks of invasion or currency collapse has lost almost $10,000 (£8,000) after its sudden demise. “It […]

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‘Phones are like a scab we know we shouldn’t pick’: the truth about social media and anxiety

Although connecting with friends online has positive benefits for mental health, overdoing screen time can lead to a catastrophic emotional crash Most people think that phones are a bad thing for anxiety. Parents, in particular, believe phones are terrible for the mental health of children, teenagers and young adults. So, what is the truth? While […]

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YouTube removes more than 9,000 channels relating to Ukraine war

Exclusive: Platform takes ‘unprecedented action’ to address content guideline violations since invasion Russia-Ukraine war: latest updates YouTube has taken down more than 70,000 videos and 9,000 channels related to the war in Ukraine for violating content guidelines, including removal of videos that referred to the invasion as a “liberation mission”. The platform is hugely popular […]

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Can Abba really recreate the feel of a live concert using holograms 41 years after their last set?

This week the supergroup begin seven months of gigs in a purpose-built London arena… with the band members elsewhere Just over 41 years ago, Abba played their last concert together. It wasn’t a live show for salivating fans, but a short set for Swedish TV. A highlight was their recent hit Super Trouper, a song […]

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Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have an unhealthy Twitter habit | John Naughton

They are two of the world’s richest people, and both are obsessed with space travel, but they use social media for very different reasons Why do billionaires tweet? Is it because they no longer have to earn a living? Or because they’re bored? Or because they spend a lot of time in, er, the smallest […]

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