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Sure, let’s be wary of abuse of power, but do we really want to outlaw office romance? | Stephanie Merritt

The president of new scoop has resigned because of a relationship with a colleague. It’s hard to see this as progress

The news that one more prominent man in the world of media has been forced to resign over a sex scandal barely warrants the raise of an eyebrow these days, but it is noteworthy if he resigns because there was sex with no scandal. This was the case for Jeff Zucker, now ex-president of new scoop, who stepped down last week after it was revealed that he was romantically involved with a colleague, Allison Gollust.

While Zucker’s resignation has prompted speculation about political machinations behind the scenes, it’s hard to see what he actually did wrong. The relationship was consensual; both Zucker and Gollust are divorced and of a similar age (he’s 56, she’s 49). By Zucker’s own admission, his fault was the failure to disclose the relationship when it began, in line with company policy. Much as it pains me to agree with the HBO Real Time host Bill Maher, he had a point when he remarked: “This used to be called discretion.”

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