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Spelunky 2 review – run, jump and die hilariously

PlayStation 4, PC; Mossmouth
Derek Yu’s influential cave-delving game is updated for PS4 and PC and expands the magic – with turkeys

I knew I was going to love Spelunky 2 when I met the turkey. The turkey is a noble steed in Derek Yu’s latest cave-delving “roguelike”, in which each run presents a unique set of levels, progress is lost when you die, and the bird must be tamed before offering its services. This involves leaping into the saddle and letting it careen wildly around, hopefully not tipping you on to a bed of spikes or into the fangs of a mantrap. Once settled, you and your festive friend can flap around the level, headbutting spiders and using its decaying flight trajectory to lower yourself past traps and hungry mouths towards the exit.

But the turkey is also subject to the merciless logic of the Spelunky universe. Laid on a ritual altar, it will be sacrificed to appease the gods. Propelled upward by an unplanned explosion, it may meet a pointy end when it returns to earth. Set aflame, well, it will become a roast turkey, and you may consume it for an extra health point as you sob quietly.

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