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Signs of the Sojourner review – playing cards in faraway places

PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch; Echodog Games
Navigating a world of wonder, an intrepid trader encounters a succession of strangers in this engaging narrative card game

Card games typically pit players against each other. Signs of the Sojourner is more like matching dominoes, asking players to lay out their cards to map conversations with those they meet along the road. The game follows a travelling trader who follows their mother’s routes after her death, crisscrossing the continent to bring goods home to their village shop. Every stop is a chance to meet new people, take in the sights, and help others out.

The place descriptions are the game’s high point, evoking that traveller’s high of feeling out of place and full of wonder. This world is tough, ravaged by climate change, but its inhabitants are compassionate and resourceful. Events happen according to a calendar schedule, whether you’re there to witness them or not. You can’t do everything, but locals will chat about what you missed – and the game lasts only a few hours, so you are welcome to explore again in a fresh save.

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