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Scoob review – scrappy animated reboot is a ruff ride

A messy and mystery-free relaunch of the classic animation tries, and fails, to update the formula, adding a charmless superhero spin

The relaunch of Scooby-Doo, a character born in the late 60s and sustaining a presence in the decades ever since, carries with it the potential for both high highs and low lows. Because universal familiarity and affection among parents might make it a swifter rental decision but the weight of expectation and of childhood association will mean that casual, uninvested background watching won’t suffice. Which is where the problem with Warner’s early summer franchise-relauncher Scoob lies. While a younger audience might be enthralled by the fast pace and bright colour palette, those understandably curious adults sitting nearby will find themselves watching in horror, a deep, sorrowful howl emerging.

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