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Ready viewer one: from God of War to Red Dead, the games that deserve a TV show

HBO is developing a series of The Last of Us, EA has a Sims reality show, but which other video games could work on the small screen

This is a wonderful time to be a person who prefers watching video games to playing them. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie is officially the second-biggest film of the year worldwide (because it’s good, but also possibly because of the lockdown) and, even better, two new TV shows based on video games are on the horizon.

The first is HBO’s The Last of Us, which – since it’s being written and directed by the creative team behind Chernobyl – has the potential to be terrific. The gameplay of the video game was arguably secondary to its characters and story anyway, so, if the series can translate even a modicum of the game’s mournful dread to screen, it’ll be something worth watching.

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