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Pushing Buttons: How indie games stole the limelight at UK gaming’s biggest awards

In this week’s newsletter: why a weird year for games saw big wins for games like Unpacking and The Artful Escape at the Bafta Video Game Awards

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I spent the latter half of last week in London for the Bafta Games Awards – a ceremony whose existence still seems to surprise people, despite the fact that they’ve been running in some form for 18 years. I suppose it doesn’t help that the institution is literally called the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, but video games are a big deal at the UK’s prestigious arts organisation, more so now than ever. (Full disclosure: I’ve been involved on and off with the video game Baftas for years, as a juror or an adviser. It’s never been a paid thing, though I have eaten a shameful number of cocktail sausages during jury deliberations.)

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