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Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas: his most memorable roles – video

Kirk Douglas, Hollywood legend and star of Spartacus, has died aged 103. Douglas was nominated for three Oscars and his extensive filmography includes Paths of Glory, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Lust for Life. The Hollywood legend’s death was announced by his son, fellow actor Michael Douglas Kirk Douglas, Hollywood legend and star of Spartacus, […]

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Zoe Brock: my case against Harvey Weinstein – podcast

Like dozens of women in the entertainment industry, the actor, model and writer Zoë Brock has claimed she had a traumatic encounter with the film producer Harvey Weinstein. Now she is faced with a settlement offer that she believes would allow him to escape blame for the alleged assaults. Also today: Lily Kuo on the […]

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The trial of Harvey Weinstein – podcast

Ed Pilkington looks ahead to Weinstein’s court battle where he faces charges of rape and sexual assault, which he denies. And Jamie Grierson on why counter-terror police have listed Extinction Rebellion as a ‘key threat’ The film producer Harvey Weinstein will stand trial this week in New York City accused of five charges, including rape […]

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