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Facebook expects half of employees to work remotely over next five to 10 years

Mark Zuckerberg says company will embrace permanent remote work after lockdowns lift Facebook will permanently embrace remote work, even after coronavirus lockdowns ease, Mark Zuckerberg told employees on Thursday, accelerating the tech sector’s geographic diversification away from its home in Silicon Valley. The CEO said the world’s largest social network would start “aggressively opening up […]

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Michel Piccoli: a fierce, strong performer who became the object of cinephile fan-worship | Peter Bradshaw

From Godard’s Le Mépris to Nanni Moretti’s We Have a Pope, Piccoli’s prolific career saw him evolve into a legend of European cinema •Michel Piccoli dies aged 94•A life in pictures In his 70-year career, working for directors like Godard, Bunuel, Varda, Clouzot, Hitchcock, Moretti, Chabrol and Sautet, Michel Piccoli had become something like a […]

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Scoob review – scrappy animated reboot is a ruff ride

A messy and mystery-free relaunch of the classic animation tries, and fails, to update the formula, adding a charmless superhero spin The relaunch of Scooby-Doo, a character born in the late 60s and sustaining a presence in the decades ever since, carries with it the potential for both high highs and low lows. Because universal […]

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Cannes was meant to kick off today. Mon Dieu, I miss it

It’s confusing and crowded, noisy and vulgar … and exhaustingly French. But I can’t wait to return to the Croisette Coronavirus and culture – a list of major cancellations It’s the opening day of the Cannes film festival, in some parallel world where everything remains right side up. This means that the cafes, bars and […]

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Gladiator at 20: how Ridley Scott’s epic rejuvenated the historical blockbuster

The Oscar-winning sword-and-sandals Russell Crowe vehicle refreshed old cliches, before ushering in a spate of copycats “Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?” the creepy pilot asks the small boy in Airplane!. To younger audiences, the joke no longer makes any sense. In Airplane!’s day, sword-and-sandals movies had become an outdated, unwittingly homoerotic joke. But […]