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No Straight Roads review – a musical journey riddled with potholes

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch; Metronomik
With genre music battles and stylish design, this game should be great – but it can’t decide whether it’s a third-person fighter or a rhythm-action game

Musical adventure No Straight Roads certainly got my foot tapping, albeit more due to frustration than the game’s admittedly catchy tunes. Set in the music-obsessed metropolis of Vinyl City, No Straight Roads sees you play as two wannabe rock stars fighting against the dictatorship of NSR records, which not only mediates the city’s music tastes, but also controls its power supply.

No Straight Roads has what it takes to be a pop sensation, namely a strong sense of style and a good ear. Vinyl City is a dazzling neon sprawl divided into multiple districts, from the kawaii-colours and anime billboards of Akusuka, to the leafy groves and neoclassical architecture of Natura. These districts are controlled by powerful pop stars you need to face in battle, with victory bringing you one step closer to NSR’s glittering skyscraper.

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