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Nikki Britton: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)

We ask Australian comedians to liven up our day with comedy gems. Here’s what Nikki Britton sent us

I’ll not waste too much of your time here. There is nothing funnier than an obnoxious dad, three beers in at a barbecue, dominating the kids’ trampoline, only to misstep and get his scrotum pinched in the springs. Nothing. It is comedy perfection. The slapstick physicality, the status drop, the schadenfreude. *chef’s kiss*

Unfortunately, these clips are harder to come across that you’d think. And, if you do a Google search for “scrotal pinch” you’re in for a bit of spice. I expect most of these wonders are locked deep in a dusty vault in the basement at Channel Nine. The only way it might be opened is if Shelley Craft and Toni Pearen meet by the midnight moon and chant the spell: “You’re dinky-di true blue, the funny things you do. Australia, Australia, this is you.” Then combine their separate halves of the only key that opens the lock. (If you did not live through the 90s in Australia you won’t get this reference, and I can’t help you.)

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