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My inbox is piling up with spam again and my email doppelgänger is to blame | Shelley Hepworth

What do you do with an online doppelgänger? Use their streaming logins, cancel their bookings or fight them for naming rights

As I unsubscribe from the ninth email in three days urging me to “refinance now!” if I don’t want to miss a “special rate!”, I curse my email doppelgänger. She’s landed us on a marketing database again and now I’m being inundated with spam.

My email doppelgänger is the person whose emails I receive in error, presumably due to an extra vowel or missing dash. I don’t know if she’s actually a “she”, but I’ve constructed an identity for her from the bits and pieces I think I’ve gleaned: female, teacher, resides in the US.

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