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Jools and Jim get in the driving seat – podcasts of the week

Jim Moir and Jools Holland talk memorable trips with celebrity guests on their Joyride podcast. Plus: seeing the world differently in Sideways

Jools and Jim’s Joyride
Jim Moir and Jools Holland are the latest celebrities bringing escapist joy with their transport-themed podcast. It’s a laid-back affair, with the pair reluctant to hog the show – unless it’s to talk about their love of cooling towers. Jane Horrocks reveals her “slow and angry” driving style, while Bob Mortimer is a familiar interviewee, reflecting on afternoon naps in a car park. This week sees Sally Phillips talking about her jet-setting childhood and her time teaching in Rome. Upcoming guests include Nitin Sawhney, Jessie Ware and Damon Hill. Hannah Verdier

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