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Job’s a good’un: how LinkedIn transformed itself into a gen Z-friendly social media contender

Once regarded as a useful but dull tool for professional networking, the service has added features such as video profiles to attract a younger audience. But will it work?

If you heard that there’s a social network attracting 200 new users every minute, has its users making 9,000 new connections, and which says that the often hard-to-reach gen Zers make up a growing fraction of that new activity, you would probably think it must be Snapchat, TikTok, or some new social network that you have never heard of – but you would be wrong.

One further official company statistic would make the answer glaringly obvious: the site also handles 4,500 job adverts every minute, and claims that six people actually get a new job each minute too. With that detail, it could only be LinkedIn – the social media network many of us tend to forget exists.

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