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Is the new Mulan remake really worth $29.99 and a Disney+ subscription?

Hollywood believes streaming could be the way to reclaim dollars lost because of closed cinemas – but will audiences really pay such a premium for a stay-at-home experience?

And so it begins … One of the immutable facts of pre-Covid-19 Hollywood was that a big studio allowing a film to debut on home video before it had a theatrical release happened as often as a Donald Trump mea culpa. Mid-pandemic, with cinemas struggling to open at anything like full capacity, if at all, everything suddenly looks very different.

Not only are mid-profile movies that were meant to have a substantial cinema release suddenly available to view on demand – The Invisible Man, Trolls World Tour – but there are now increasing suggestions that Hollywood is planning to put tentpole offerings on streaming platforms to try to gobble up some of the dollars they are losing out on owing to so many cinemas being closed. The Hollywood Reporter says Disney’s long-delayed live action remake of Mulan will be available to view on Disney+ from 4 September in the US, Canada and western European territories – but for the princely price of $29.99 (£22.50). Prices for other countries haven’t yet been announced, but should be comparable. Disney is calling this Premium Video on Demand or PVOD, as opposed to VOD, which costs considerably less.

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