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Ian McKellen got his jab – phew. Now brace for a deadly outbreak of celeb smugness

As the vaccination’s famous recipients get younger, one thing’s for sure: the thumbs-up social media photo will get very tiresome very quickly

It must be tough as a celebrity in the age of Covid. With all the traditional avenues of release and promotion closed, the famous have spent the last nine months desperately trying to channel their desire for attention into all manner of extracurricular ventures.

But a new path is finally beginning to form. Celebrities can’t promote films, because they haven’t been making any. They can’t make all their friends join them on an excruciating singalong video because – as Gal Gadot has been finding out this week – they will get asked about that much more than their actual work. But what they can do is get vaccinated. And they can pose for a photo while they’re doing it.

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