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How we met: ‘We got chatting at a comic-book convention and it turned into a naughty weekend’

Mark, 55 and Ingrid, 51, hit it off straight away when they were introduced in 1993. They live together in Glasgow with their son and pet greyhound

In April 1993, Mark was excited to be travelling to Glasgow for a comic-book convention. At the time, he was working for a magazine, and had a huge passion for comics. “The magazine was half music, half comic,” he says. “I was going to do signings with all the artists and writers.”

While having a drink with friends at the hotel bar, he spotted a beautiful girl. “There was another convention going on for orchid growers and I assumed she must be with them. There weren’t many women at comic conventions back then,” he says. About halfway through the evening, Mark’s friend Paul told him he was going to look for his sister, who was in Glasgow studying French and would be joining them for a drink. When he returned, he brought Ingrid. “She was the girl I’d been looking at earlier in the night,” says Mark.

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