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How we met: ‘We drank three pints of beer out of a Frisbee and got very sick together’

Grace and Lawrence, both 28, became friends at university. She didn’t realise that he had a huge crush on her …

When Grace joined her university Frisbee team in 2012, she was looking for a bit of fun. “I’ve never been sporty but I had friends doing it and I ended up really enjoying it,” she says. That September, a few months after joining the team, she helped to recruit freshers. She soon met Lawrence, who signed up – “to be polite”. “I ended up having a fantastic time though,” he admits. They had a chat at the first training session, and Lawrence was instantly smitten with Grace. “I told my friend she was the most attractive woman I’d ever seen in my life,” he says.

Unfortunately Grace didn’t feel the same romantic spark. “I was quite insecure at the time, and young for my age,” she says. “I would always go out with boys who were non-committal.I don’t think I would have noticed such a nice guy.”

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