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How we met: ‘She came to my room and told me about some dead seals she’d seen’

Wojtek, 49, and Sonia, 43, met in Wales when she was visiting the UK. After years of long-distance love, they now live in Cali, Colombia

In October 2006, Sonia arrived in the UK from Costa Rica after an exhausting journey. “I was coming to Bangor University for three months to work on my PhD in agroforestry,” she says. At the time, Wojtek was doing a PhD in the same field and had recently returned from studying in Ghana and Cameroon. “I had a house where I rented rooms to other students,” he says. “My friend asked if I could give Sonia a place to stay. I met them in a Morrisons car park to pick her up.”

When she arrived at Wojtek’s place, Sonia immediately felt at home. “She ran up and hugged one of my other new tenants, Carla, and they started speaking rapidly in Spanish,” remembers Wojtek. “It turns out they knew each other from studying in Central America.” Sonia says she was “so happy” she could talk to someone in Spanish, as her English was not good.

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