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How we met: ‘He had a great tan – but I did make fun of his hair’

Waverley Grainger, 37, and Dave Kwong, 35, met in their 20s while they were working at a summer camp in upstate New York. They live together in London, and plan to marry when they can

In the summer of 2005, Waverley Grainger travelled to upstate New York to work as a counsellor at a children’s summer camp. “I’m originally from New Zealand and was living in Melbourne. This seemed like a great opportunity to travel,” she says. “I was going to be working with the children, and running horse-riding lessons.” Dave Kwong, a student from London, was working at the same camp. Although they met early on, they had different friendship circles and didn’t spend much time together. “I do remember he had a great tan and I made fun of the [dyed] white tips in his hair,” she laughs. “They were all the rage back then.” The following summer, they returned to the same camp, but both had summer romances with other people. While Waverley came back again in 2007, Dave didn’t and, after a disappointing summer, she had no plans to return. “I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had in previous years, but something told me I should go back for one final year,” she says.

We were meant to get married last summer. We’re hoping it can go ahead in August

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