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Guglielmo Marconi obituary – archive, 21 July 1937

21 July 1937 The Italian physicist and inventor of a successful wireless telegraph dies in Rome at the age of 63

Guglielmo Marconi (whose death is reported on another page) may be said with truth to have been not only the originator of radio-telegraphy but the most successful worker in its development. He was born at Bologna in 1874, his father being an Italian and his mother an Irish-woman; he was educated at Leghorn Technical School and at the University of Bologna. At an early age he showed inventive powers, and whilst still a boy he had acquired much knowledge of the results of researches on electro-magnetic waves by Hertz and others and had formed the idea of using them to communicate over a distance. On his father’s estate at the Villa Griffone, near Bologna, he began experimenting in June, 1894, with an ordinary spark induction coil and home-made coherers and other appliances.

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