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From Russian YouTube to spinning on the spot: Hollywood’s tricks to playing drunk

Gone is the ‘do it for real’ approach – the stars of Mank and Another Round take a more sober approach to acting inebriated

Were there an Oscar for best on-screen drunk (which there really should be), it would be a close-run thing this year. My money would be on Aubrey Plaza, who provides a magnificent display of wastedness in her new movie, Black Bear. Playing a neurotic indie actor at the end of her tether, she spends half the movie stumbling, lurching, wailing and losing her dignity. She wasn’t actually drunk, of course. This is the great challenge: acting drunk when you’re sober is no easier than acting sober when you’re drunk. To get into the right frame of unsteadiness, Plaza would spin round until almost throwing up just before the scene. That’s commitment.

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