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Free internet for all not such a bad idea | Brief letters

Internet access | Kindertransport | All the trimmings | William Shakespeare’s vaccination

So, secondary schools in Wales are going online (Report, 10 December). A tough but sensible decision in the circumstances. The only issue is accessibility. All of a sudden Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto commitment to give all free internet access seems a good idea after being dismissed by many as an election ploy.
Prof Richard Grimes
Louth, Lincolnshire

• One day we’ll recognise that we may have read the last obituary that cites a Kindertransport journey (Otto Hutter obituary, 10 December). Doing so we should nod at the staggering contribution that this group brought to us. Contemporary migration has an equivalent richness and importance, but the impact of this population movement astonishes.
Dr Paul Machon
Market Harborough, Leicestershire

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