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Fifty hours spent trying to get Vodafone to fix my vital broadband

I was left without the service for four months while trying to work from home

I’ve had no home broadband for the past four months and have spent more than 50 hours trying to resolve this with Vodafone. It’s made lockdown extremely difficult as I’ve been working from home and need to keep in touch with my family who are abroad. I’ve been variously told by Vodafone that it needs to do work underground, it needs to do work in my building, it needs me to reset my router yet again. In the meantime, they’re supposed to be giving me unlimited data on my tablet while I pay for broadband I can’t use, but that, too, is proving impossible to achieve.
JS, London

You have unenviable companionship with JN of Knutsford, Cheshire and his partner, fellow Vodafone customers who have been almost a month without the internet after a storm disabled the connections in their street.

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