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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout review – raucous, ridiculous fun

PC (version tested), PS4; Mediatonic/Devolver Digital
This silly multiplayer online game is like a Teletubbies-style athletics tournament, and is a good entry point for the battle royale curious

Fortnite has a lot to answer for. It wasn’t the first battle royale game, but its gigantic success has ensured that no online shooter game is now complete without a mode in which dozens of players land on an island and blast each other until only one remains. Now, after two long years, comes a fresh and interesting take on the concept – one that replaces guns and bombs with giant foam obstacles and human-sized beachballs. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is where battle royale meets a soft-play centre.

The setup is simple: 60 players have to compete over a series of obstacle courses, and only some of them will make it to the next round. On the final challenge, the last surviving competitor is the winner. Some of the courses are rampageous races across bouncy-castle landscapes, where sliding doors and swinging boulders knock unwary sprinters into the abyss; others throw players into a game of football (with the aforementioned giant inflatable balls). A riotous challenge where you have to steal other players’ tails is a bit like the children’s party game where you all have balloons tied to your ankles and must stamp on everyone else’s – and it’s just as vicious.

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