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Coronavirus live news: WHO reports worrying infection trends in southern Europe and Balkans

WHO says Americas remain global hotspot but cases accelerating in southern Europe, Balkans and Africa; Trump urges people to wear masks

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  • Nearly a quarter of people in Delhi have had coronavirus, study finds
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No final decision has been made on whether the G20 leaders summit will be physical or virtual, Saudi Arabia’s finance minister said, adding the the matter is still being considered.

Saudi Arabia is the host of this year’s annual gathering of representatives of the world’s largest economies, scheduled for November.

The main association of European airlines has called on the EU to extend the suspension of its “use-it-or-lose-it” rules governing slots at airports through the slow winter season, saying the return of demand is uncertain.

In March, the EU formally shelved until 24 October the requirement that airlines use 80% of their slots – take-off and landing authorisations – or lose them the following year, as coronavirus lockdowns meant many flights were cancelled.

This winter will definitely be very challenging. It’s extremely important to get assistance.

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