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Coronavirus has Elon Musk acting like just another used car salesman

The Tesla CEO is welcome to argue for reopening America. But he is relying on bad science to make his case

What has happened to Elon Musk?

A highlight reel of the billionaire Tesla CEO’s activities since early March includes his pooh-poohing the coronavirus “panic” as “dumb”; keeping his northern California factory open in defiance of local public health orders; falsely asserting that children are “essentially immune” from the virus; providing a giant platform to promoters of an unproven and potentially dangerous treatment; predicting (inaccurately) that the US would have no new cases of Covid-19 by the end of April; attempting to re-open the factory before the end of the local shelter-in-place order; and calling shelter-in-place orders “fascist”. (Let’s not even get into the drama over whether the BiPap machines he donated to some hospitals count as ventilators.)

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