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Biden and Harris say Trump has left America’s reputation ‘in tatters’ at first event as running mates – live

  • Pair appear in Wilmington, Delaware
  • Harris: ‘When people cried out for support, [Trump] teargassed them’
  • Democrats hail Kamala Harris as VP pick
  • Ilhan Omar sees victory in Democratic primary
  • QAnon supporter denounced for racism wins Republican primary
  • Florida sheriff bans deputies from wearing masks
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Donald Trump’s latest attack on Kamala Harris: “She is very bad on fact. She is very weak on facts.”

The president has made 20,000 false or misleading claims while in office, the Washington Post’s fact checkers said last month.

Criticizing Democratic governors for maintaining pandemic restrictions, Trump said they are forcing Americans to stay in their homes, which he described as “prisons.”

“In their prisons! They call ‘em prisons,” Trump said.

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