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Best podcasts of the week: Get inside Björk’s otherworldly head, one album at a time

In this week’s newsletter: The iconic Icelandic singer reveals all about her creative process in Björk: Sonic Symbolism. Plus: five of the best internet culture podcasts

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The World According to Tubsey and Hyder
Widely available, episodes weekly
Better known as the sidekicks to the titular chef in the Bafta-winning Big Zuu’s Big Eats, the west London school friends get their own show. Recorded in their living room, it’s an endearingly rambling chat featuring interruptions from Big Zuu as he wanders through. The first episode is very much scene setting, but we’re promised guests such as grime star AJ Tracey and MC Capo Lee in future instalments. Alexi Duggins

Delve into the music and culture of the US – from Phoenix, Arizona to LA – in Sound of Our Town.

Fictional crime stories from India, beginning with a 10-part thriller, in Mumbai Crime.

The road to the US midterm elections in the return of the NYT podcast The Run Up.

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