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Beirut explosion: death toll rises to 135 as about 5,000 people are wounded – live updates

Lebanese TV reports latest toll as government declares two-week state of emergency in Beirut after half the city damaged in blast

  • Visual guide: how explosion caused mass casualties and devastation
  • Beirut families search for loved ones feared trapped under rubble
  • Lebanon in mourning after deadly Beirut blasts
  • Crisis upon crisis: blast rocks a Lebanon already on its knees
  • Ammonium nitrate: what is the chemical blamed for blast?

More details from my colleague, Jessica, on the UK aid:

The Foreign Office has released details of aid the British government will send to Lebanon, including up to £5m in emergency humanitarian funding, announced earlier by Dominic Raab, as well as deploying search and rescue experts with specially trained dogs to help find those caught up in the blast.

Raab, who spoke with prime minister Diab, said the UK would provide tailored medical help, strategic air transport assistance, and engineering and communications support. The UK offered to send an emergency clinical advisory team who could provide initial assessment and coordination with search and rescue teams.

It’s not just governments that are donating. In just over a day, this fundraiser has raised more than £3 million, and it is growing.

The page was set up by the not-for-profit, Impact Lebanon, which describes itself as a “social incubator for driven Lebanese around the world”.

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