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Asking the questions, Jeremy Paxman! – podcasts of the week

The University Challenge and Newsnight cross-examiner makes a foray into a chattier interview style in his new podcast. Plus: a grim new chapter in season two of Dr Death

The Lock In with Jeremy Paxman
The mighty Paxo rests his Mr Inquisitor reputation to concentrate on good conversation over a pint (or a Zoom) with “authors, lifeboat skippers, inner city teachers” and more. Once he’s finished dealing with technical issues, he settles down to a relaxed chat with Lee Child who spills out quotes about the legalisation of drugs, going from Granada TV to Hollywood and how much he’s earned. “Compared with my origins I’m spectacularly rich,” he says, before Paxman questions him on why he’d have homes all over the world. Richard Dawkins and Michael Palin also join him.
Hannah Verdier

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