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Apex Legends season six – will new character Rampart change everything?

Her monstrous firepower and powerful defences could reshape the flow of the game, while a refreshed map and an ever-changing crafting menu offer up some fun surprises

Eighteen months after its surprise launch, Apex Legends remains a swaggering contender in the densely crowded battle royale market, its fifth season attracting the most daily users since its debut month. The game started its sixth season a little late thanks to Covid-19, with most of the team working from home. According to developer Respawn, one of the game’s animators had to set up a motion capture studio in his back garden. Considering the development environment, then, it’s impressive how much is packed into the latest update.

The main addition is, of course, a new legend, Rampart, a British-Indian gun store owner and entrepreneur who’s big on self-deprecating quips and regularly refers to enemies as “plonkers”. Her tactical ability is a defensive wall, which she can slam down anywhere, giving her and her teammates handy, portable cover. Shooting through its upper energy shield area amps up bullets, giving them extra damage. Meanwhile, her ultimate ability is a mini-gun emplacement which, like Bastion in Overwatch, provides absolutely monstrous firepower. Unlike Bastion, however, anyone can use it, including enemies if they get close enough.

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