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Andy Murray can show DeChambeau a thing or two about longevity in sport | Kevin Mitchell

The US golfer hits the ball further than ever did but he needs to realise that experience is the ultimate teacher

When Bryson DeChambeau exploded through his tight‑fitting shirt all over Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio, he went from Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk in 10 card-wrecking shots. The 17-stone Californian was crushing the course underfoot when he tumbled to five over, and out of Jack Nicklaus’s Memorial tournament.

It took DeChambeau months to pack on 40 pounds of gym-bought muscle and moments for those pumped levers to disconnect from his brain on Friday as his helicopter swing hooked the ball at nearly 200mph into a creek on the 15th. His quintuple-bogey 10 was the worst score of his career. Jack said: “Cut!” and the kid was out of the movie.

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