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An Afghan refugee commuted hours for his Uber job. Then he was shot in his car

Ahmad Fawad Yusufi’s family wants $4m in aid from Uber and better pay for its drivers. The company said he was logged off when he was killed

Mohammad Dawood Mommand was at home in Sacramento, California, when he received a call that left him in shock and unable to stand. Ahmad Fawad Yusufi, a cousin who he considered like a brother, had been shot and killed in San Francisco, where he worked as an Uber driver.

Yusufi, 31, was an Afghan immigrant and father of three who came to the US on a special visa after serving as a translator for the US military. Family and gig worker organizers say Yusufi was getting some rest in his car between driving shifts when someone attempted to steal his wallet and shot him to death.

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