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Amnesia: Rebirth review – a horror game pregnant with dread

PlayStation 4, PC, Mac; Frictional Games
The Swedish studio’s latest offering tracks a plane-crash survivor as she grapples with her new, terrifying reality

Of all this horror game’s many weirdnesses, the strangest is the button for looking at your baby bump. During moments of intense stress, Amnesia: Rebirth’s pregnant protagonist Tasi Trianon can self-soothe by looking down and talking to her unborn child. I can’t testify to the effectiveness of bump-based therapy in real life, but in the context of the game, it did little for my shattered nerves. Amnesia: Rebirth may not be the best of Frictional Games’ macabre creations, but the Swedish studio can still scare the last three meals out of me.

Set in 1937, Amnesia Rebirth is a roundabout follow-up to 2010’s Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It tracks Tasi after her plane crashes deep in the Algerian desert. Waking up alone in the plane’s fuselage, she must venture alone into the sands as she attempts to locate other survivors of the crash, including her husband, Salim.

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