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Ainbo: Spirit of the Amazon review – a magical tale with a sense of adventure

Despite its frantic antics, this family animation from Peru is told from the welcome perspective of indigenous characters

Here is a family animation from Peru that spins a magical tale in the Amazon with a cast of mythological creatures from rainforest legend – and importantly, it’s told from the perspective of indigenous characters. It’s a shame, then, that so much here feels blandly generic, with frantic antics and quirky sidekick characters that kids have seen in a dozen movies before. Just as disappointingly, its plucky heroine Ainbo looks a bit plasticky: she’s a full-of-beans girl in the tradition of Moana – strong-willed and brave of heart – but she reminded me of an LOL Surprise! doll, with her adorable big eyes, cute crop-top and fashiony blunt fringe.

Still, there is a sense of adventure as Ainbo – an apprentice hunter from a tribe deep in uncharted rainforest – strikes out on her own to save the village. (You would too, it looks like a luxury spa resort from a Condé Nast Traveller feature.) The whole place has been cursed by an evil forest demon, the Yacuruna, a shapeshifting plume of black smoke with glowing red eyes (he might be too frightening for little ones).